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  • bio-breakthrough1What an extraordinary and life-affirming experience!  The Private VIP Retreat incorporated meditation, equine therapy, ancient Ayurvedic treatment, inner bonding and forgiveness processes, shadow work, hypnotherapy, restorative yoga therapy, and a Native American releasing ceremony in a way that uniquely met my emotional needs. I am finally whole, able to love and cherish my inner child. This experience was transformative and miraculous! Thank you, Jana, for your authenticity, loving spirit, and peaceful presence throughout the healing journey.  ~ Kelly B.Cincinnati, Ohio


    The Emotional Healing Retreat is the best thing I did for my soul. I was tired, angry and trapped in a spiral of hatred and negative energy. Jana does a beautiful job of orchestrating the removal of these old beliefs & behaviors. Then you realize what time you have waisted and resolve to live in the present. GO!!! Book your ticket , pay your entry fee, and be ready for the best investment you can make on yourself. Working on YOU!!!  Thanks Jana!

    Susana Baptista

    Susana Baptista

    “Being coached by Jana gave me the courage to make a cross country move that I had feared. I sat on the proverbial fence trying to find the courage to change my life. The guidance was an immeasurable tool holding me to my course and helping me hone my plan to see it to fruition.

    – Carlton V. ~ San Diego, CA


    “I feel so taken care of by you, your emails of support and the tools you have given go beyond any retreat I’ve ever attended. I so enjoyed the retreat. Although I’ve done much of the work and continue to do it with my therapist there was healing that took place for me. I still have lots of work to do around my body image and accepting me as I am.
    As I told you Jana, you’re very good at what you do, and you do it with compassion, honesty and humor. I feel blessed to have had this experience!”

    Sandy – San Francisco


    “Thank you very much Jana! I get positively emotional when I think about the waves of honesty, trust and love that came out as a result of your work. We (my wife, daughter and I) now mark time in our lives as either ‘before the retreat’ or ‘after the retreat’.”

    Jack – San Francisco


    I have attended many retreats and workshops in my life, and Jana’s “Healing the Heart Emotional Healing” retreat was, hands down, the best I’ve ever participated in! She is the “real deal”….no fluff, no ulterior motives,  a totally honest, genuine, down-to-Earth person who loves what she does and shares from the heart. Her knowledge and insights are remarkable. Meeting and working with her has been a blessing in my life.

    George Xouris, North Carolina

    George Xouris

    “Jana motivated me to see my own beauty and personal worth, and to make a commitment to myself. I now accept compliments confidently. Jana helped me set goals that were aspirational, yet both realistic and measurable. Jana acknowledged and celebrated my successes with me and cheered me on to bigger and greater things.”

    Kathy M. – Nevada

    Kathy M.

    “You taught me that and I am SOOOOO grateful! I also placed a note to myself in the mirror in my car that says “I am fulfilled with God’s grace”. This is a real gift from our coaching … my connection to God!!!!!
    Your love for Him brought me closer to Him. The most important thing of course is that I was ready to take responsibility for myself and truly desired to grow. I was disciplined in putting the time and effort into taking my action steps each week. Thank you and God Bless.”

    Angela E. – Houston, Texas

    Angela E.

    “I can’t put into words how amazing this retreat was – I believe it is the” ‘womb for the gestation of the awakening human spirit’
    Alice ~ Honolulu, Hawaii

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