What Would Be Possible In Your Life If
You Mastered Your Emotions?

Are you ready to have mastery from feelings such as sadness, loneliness, depression, anger, frustration or anxiety? 


I believe that if you are reading this, it is no accident. Sychrodestiny has brought you to this very moment. A series of synchronicities that reveal to you that you are heading in the RIGHT direction! There are no coincidences in life, only evidence that you are on the right path! YOU ARE ready to be liberated from emotional turmoil so read on …

Imagine lasting freedom from anxiety, depression, emptiness, or addictions. Finding joy, fulfillment, and loving relationships are not only possible they are your BIRTHRIGHT!

Have you tried everything to feel good about yourself but you still experience feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy?

The Emotional Wellbeing System teaches you how to self-heal anxiety, depression, addictions, and failed relationships by addressing the pervasive pattern of self-abandonment that is the underlying cause of these issues.

Are you tired of failed relationships and jobs that don’t fulfill your dreams, or are problems with spouses, partners, friends, family or co-workers causing you stress?

The Emotional Wellbeing System shows you how to love yourself, even through challenging times, so you can truly experience love with those closest to you.


When you heal the core shame of believing that you are not good enough, and create the vital connections which bring joy to life, you also heal self-abandonment. When you heal self-abandonment, you also heal problems with spouses, partners, friends, kids, family, co-workers, loneliness, emptiness, anxiety, depression, and addictions.

Self-abandonment, which comes from core shame, is the underlying cause of all these problems. Self-abandonment is the cause of disconnection from self, loved ones, and Spirit. The practice of Emotional Wellbeing develops the deep self-worth that creates inner peace, joy and loving relationships.

emotional healing system

Practicing Emotional Wellbeing:

  • Heals the deepest fears and false beliefs that keep otherwise highly functioning individuals trapped in self-destructive patterns.
  • Enables individuals to make decisions that are TRULY RIGHT for them.
  • Frees up suppressed energy that is wasted on the destructive intent to control feelings, other people and outcomes, unleashing joy, passion and creativity.
  • Creates a connection with a personal source of higher love and wisdom.


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