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    5 Simple Ways Out of Everyday Depression

    I have experience with depression. So do you. We all do. It’s part of the human experience.

    Depression has been part of the human condition for all time – which is good, because some of the greatest spiritual leaders like Buddha and Jesus and every great fully realized human being has gone through it, and found his or her way out of it. (I am not talking about clinical depression here.)
    I wanted to share with you 5 quick, simple and easy ways out of depression (that we fail to think of when we’re depressed).

    1) Anything electronic – unplug it. Video games, Instagram, surfing the web, Facebook – anything too focus-oriented, repetitive, and middy pleasurable keeps us anchored to our mindless churning beneath the waves of consciousness.

    2) Get outside. Light, fresh air – is the hope, the outlet, the gap, the pleasure that comes with tearing open our cocoon. Take a walk, exercise gets the blood pumping and makes you feel ALIVE.

    3) Touch in with a living sentient being’s heart. See someone. Hug a dog. Talk with community – what’s getting us down now told as a story, will get us out of what’s getting you down, now!

    4) Music. Dance. Reggae does it for me – depends on your mood but something you can move your body too is always a good thing.

    5) Most importantly: resist the temptation to go for the things that give you pleasure in the short term but bring about remorse, shame and guilt in the long term. i.e. porn, video games, good we’re not hungry for, ice cream, watching to much tv, shopping, whatever it is – go in the other direction. RESTRICT.


    Remember the first thing in life we do and the last is take a breath and exhale. It’s that simple. Be grateful, eat whole food, give lots of hugs, drink lots of water, call someone and tell them something you love about them. These are just the basics that, when we’re lost in the fog of our depression, seem out of reach.

    Open  your heart, clear your mind. We are not a automaton. We are in this journey called Life together.