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    Projection = Denial

    Projection is the act of denying that you are creating the experience you are having. Instead of acknowledging you are the source, you get caught up in who “did it” to you. The most common form of projection is seeing in someone else a feeling that is actually going on in you. You fail to
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    Craving Intimacy

    We all crave connection, because let’s face it; feeling emotionally connected with loved ones is a deeply fulfilling experience. Emotional intimacy thrives when we feel safe with each other. The question then becomes – what creates safety? Here are six ways to increase the emotional intimacy: 1.  Take responsibility for your own feelings and needs.
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    Belief Creates Reality

    Yep it’s true your beliefs are causing your unhappiness not your spouse, your boss, the government, or your bank account! Did you know that you are only able to see and experience in your life what you believe is possible? Yep, it’s actually your beliefs that are holding you hostage and keeping you living half
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    Christmas Music Already?

    Its ‘that’ time of the year again! I don’t know about you but I have this love/hate thing going on with the holidays. I mean there is so much that is projected onto some fantasy idea of what to ‘expect’ this time of year. If you are single, then you feel totally left out around
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    The Killer of All Dreams

    Apathy. I haven’t had much inspiration lately. Everything just feels Blah.  Let me define Blah. Blah is when I can’t really complain about anything but don’t have much energy or enthusiasm for anything. Blah is when I’m lacking passion and everything is beige. Nothing wrong with the color but between you and me, beige is just
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    Feeling alone, empty, anxious, depressed, hurt, angry, jealous, sad, fearful, guilty or shamed? In the World English Dictionary “abandon” is defined as: “to leave somebody or something behind for others to look after, especially somebody or something meant to be a personal responsibility.” As adults, our own well-being is our personal responsibility. Do you abandon
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    The More You Know, The Less You Need

    Thanksgiving. This holiday is my favorite! Thanksgiving is more than just a day we come together with friends and family, its actually a spiritual practice. The act of giving thanks for all we have is sacred. It is a way of living life & can easily lift you from a bad mood into a state
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    5 Simple Ways Out of Everyday Depression

    I have experience with depression. So do you. We all do. It’s part of the human experience. Depression has been part of the human condition for all time – which is good, because some of the greatest spiritual leaders like Buddha and Jesus and every great fully realized human being has gone through it, and
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    I Have A Confession

    Sometimes you just have to ask for help! Recently, I heard someone say, that if you judge yourself when you ask for help, then the people who come to you for help you also judge. For we do unto others what we do to ourselves. It got me thinking, as I was growing up my Mom would
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    What I Know For Sure!

    It has been some time since I sent out an email – I have been in constant transition. Ah, they say change is the only constant, well I can definitely attest to that! My Casa in Taos sold, I spent most of the summer in Hawaii & Florida learning to SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) LOTS
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