Emotional Healing System
  • Phone: (800) 721-6140
  • Emotional Healing System


    You have now confirmed your Emotional Healing Breakthrough Call!

    Here are your next steps…

    You understand you’re going get the following:

    • A 1.5 Hour session on the phone with Jana
    • Clear authentic and direct feedback
    • Non-judgmental acceptance
    • Deep Internal Guided hypnotherapy process
    • A loving “nudge” when I need it
    • Powerful, stimulating questions
    • Safe space to explore beliefs & behaviors that are sabotaging you
    • Support & Acknowledgment
    • A Recording of the Entire Call in MP3 Format emailed the next day
    Please download this document and fill it out and send it along with the best times and days for your breakthrough session to info@janafleming.com
    Session available times:
    Mon-Fri (9-6pm PST) Some Saturday’s can be accommodated if that is the only time you have available.


    I acknowledge you for taking this step towards your emotional well being and health.