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    EHS Advanced 5 Day Intensive

    “Discover and Heal the Cycle of Shame and Self-Abandonment That Is the Root Cause of Your Anxiety, Depression, Addictions and Relationship Struggles”

    Jana is gifted in quickly seeing exactly how you are treating yourself that is causing your suffering and gently guide you in learning to love yourself, accept yourself and others rather than continue to abandon yourself.

    • Heal the fears and false beliefs that limit you, moving into the ability to manifest your dreams.
    • Heal the abandonment, shame and self-abandonment issues that lie at the center of anxiety, depression, addictions and relationship problems.
    • Heal taking/caretaking control issues, resolving anger, withdrawal, compliance and resistance.
    • Heal fears of rejection, engulfment, aloneness, and failure.
    • Heal addictions to drugs, food, nicotine, alcohol, relationships, work, sex, and other addictions.

    The workshop maximum of 12 people provides a safe,intimate, caring environment for individuals and couples to work in exploring deeper issues. Through Emotional Healing, you learn to develop a loving Adult who connects deeply with your core Self, your wounded self, and your Higher Guidance. We work with the Emotional Healing System eight to nine hours daily, giving participants plenty of time for healing work.

    In the Emotional Healing process, the woundedness that started in your family of origin is addressed and you are helped to understand and heal your fears and beliefs that create anxiety and depression, and stand in the way of loving yourself and others. You learn how to create a safe space within which to resolve conflicts, as well as the necessary tools to resolve conflict in ways that lead to increased closeness in all your relationships.

    “Wow!  What powerful work!  I believe anyone and everyone could benefit from this work.  I now have the tools to deal with any situation or emotion that rises up in my life.  This work is a great gift to not only me, but a great gift to humanity.  This work is inspired & inspiring.” San Francisco Intensive, Jennifer Der

    Who Should Attend:

    • Individuals and couples wanting to learn Emotional Healing Systems and experience a deep level of healing.
    • Individuals and couples wanting to heal relationship dysfunction, learn to resolve conflict, and create a deeper level of closeness with a partner, friends, parents and children.
    • Therapists and professionals who want to learn the Emotional Healing System.
    • People familiar with the Emotional Healing System process who want to deepen their experience.
    • Professionals who want to start the Emotional Healing System Certification Program.
    • Individuals and couples who have already taken an Emotional Healing workshops, retreats or intensive and want a deeper experience.

    Investment: The investment for Intensives, which includes your room (double occupancy) is $850 per person. Private rooms are additional.

    A $500 non-refundable deposit secures your space. Full payment is required before the intensive, unless other arrangements have been made with our office.

    Prerequisite required: Must attend Level II Weekend “Healing the Heart” prior to being eligible for this event. Please email info@janafleming.com with any questions you may have.