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    I Have A Confession

    Sometimes you just have to ask for help!

    Recently, I heard someone say, that if you judge yourself when you ask for help, then the people who come to you for help you also judge. For we do unto others what we do to ourselves. It got me thinking, as I was growing up my Mom would always tell me I was a ‘can do’ girl. Anytime I would say, “I can’t”she would admonish me replying, “I don’t know that word.” So as a result I judged the quality of weakness, feeling anytime I needed help or couldn’t do something that I was weak. It was my shadow, the dark side of the strength and confidence I projected out to the world.

    It is time for me to allow the shadow of weakness out and expose it, and in doing so break the hold that it has on me. So yes, I confess to you that I am weak. Even in my most courageous moments and I have had many, it is my weakness, my fears, and my doubts that push me forward. The gift, as in all negative or dark parts of ourselves or our lives is that my weakness brings forth my humility and compassion for others in their pain and suffering. This past year has been one of the most challenging of my life. For the first time since I left home for college at the age of 18, I am living on my own. Leaving the safety of my marriage was one of the hardest things I have done in my adult life. I have struggled with decision making and in the process judging myself for being weak, thinking I should know better, after all I teach this stuff! The inner critic has been really strong within me and silencing the voice of my spirit – that still small voice.
    So I have had to get good at asking for help. Thankfully I have some of the best coaches, healers, and therapists in my life, who help me when I am feeling small and frail like the 7 year old girl in this picture. Teaching emotional intelligence and supporting people to heal and master their emotions is one thing and it’s quite another when the teacher is the student. This has been a very powerful year of learning for me and one that I am sure will continue to bring me more and more insights and revelations about what it is to be in this human incarnation.
    So here goes my best advice: be gentle with yourself, be kind, be sensitive, tender, compassionate, understanding with yourself. The little girl or little boy inside you really needs that, being hard on yourself will get you only more pain and suffering.
    If you are struggling and in need of relief, give yourself the gift of a breakthrough session with me.It’s okay to reach out for help, it’s actually a sign of strength. And I promise you there is no judgment here – you will be held in a loving space of acceptance and care.

    Click on this link below and let’s have a conversation about what’s preventing you from experiencing a life you truly deserve.  The call is free – there is no obligation. Allow me to hold your hand through whatever difficult time you are experiencing. We are in this journey called LIFE together.
    Will you give yourself the gift of receiving? The time for a breakthrough is now and I’m here to support you in doing it.