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    Praise & Gratitude

    IMG_5621I had reached a point in my life where I felt “stuck” with my emotions, spiritual connection, relationships, and future direction. Although, I have had therapy in the past, given it’s traditional sense, I was definitely in search of a serious intensive shift to include Spirit that would wake me up.
    After reviewing Jana’s web page and speaking with her over the phone, I knew I needed to do the VIP private 1:1 retreat. I remember the excitement in telling myself I deserved this gift!
    Through her, I learned I have all the answers inside. There is no where externally to go other than inside. Simple as that! Jana gave me the tools and direction to love myself. Now, I’m able to identify and work through my emotions, draw boundaries in relationships, connect with Spirit, and have a clearer future direction.
    Jana stayed connected with me after the retreat and sent me a wealth of resources helping me stay connected to myself from local community organizations, books, music, websites, and documentaries.
    In fact, I’m looking forward to attending her annual Florida retreat. The work never ends and I am committed to this path for life!  ~ Duska, Vero Beach, Florida

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    Prior to decidingIMG_7505 to give myself the gift of the Emotional Healing 1:1 Intensive, I was having panic attacks and shaking constantly. My mind was cluttered in a sea of fog, doubt, despair and fear. The decision to go was the scariest yet bravest decision I’ve made. Putting my needs first was a new experience. I am so grateful I found Jana Fleming and was able to work 1:1 with her, working in a group just wasn’t’ an option for me. Jana guided me into every dark, closed, trapped door I felt stuck behind within myself with the utmost care and compassion. There was a point when I faced my emotional addiction (of which I had no knowledge of) I felt my lowest, but Jana lifted me up and showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. Jana was transparent, authentic and worked with me through it all with grace. She practices what she teaches and she builds trust from day one and took me places within that I never believed possible. I arrived with rigid, I left flexible. I came thinking I knew it all, I left dancing in the mystery of life. I showed up with a big ‘story’ and left with a blank slate to rewrite a new empowering story. This healing work is not for the faint hearted, this is for those who are ready for real transformation and change. Jana Fleming you literally showed me the path to living my life with practical real life tools to support me in any chaos that life can deliver. I now know my worth as a woman, mother and human, I feel hope, excitement about life and I’m encouraged. I left New Mexico a completely different person. I view life differently now I am clear, hopeful and confident.  This was the best investment I have made. An investment in ME, the most important person in my life … ME! Thank God for Jana, she is truly remarkable and the most incredible professional Emotional Healer. ~ Brenda, Connecticut

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    Before I spent a week with Jana in the VIP private retreat I felt alone.  I had a persistent ache within me and a feeling of failure with consuming discouraging thoughts.  With my lack of understanding of my emotions and what they were communicating  I found myself constantly  looking outside of myself for relief (pills, alcohol, affairs).  The most valuable thing I learned was that what I was constantly looking for was within me.  I was looking in all directions and feeling lost wherein I just needed to re-direct and refocus my thoughts and learn how to connect with the little boy within me.  After spending a week with Jana, I feel confident that I have the tools to move forward in a much more constructive and healthy manner.  I’ve accepted more of myself and my past and I am committed to using the Emotional Intelligence tools she taught me to continue finding a better version of myself.  I’m so thankful for my time with Jana.   Her devotion to helping is her gift.  I consider her one of the most amazing people I have ever met, she is truly special. – Todd, Pennsylvania

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    Dear Jana, I’ve been reflecting on 2009, and wow its been quite an adventure for me!  I want to thank you for making the tools available to me through February’s retreat, our coaching sessions, teaching me the importance of meditation, recommending countless books that allowed me to make an incredible shift in my life! I was going back through my journals from this past year, and its incredible to see the growth and the shift in consciousness that has occurred.  I really feel like this year I learned to love myself. Thank you, Jana, for your support and encouragement this year.  You have been an incredible blessing to me.  I wish you a happy new year filled with peace, love, and consciousness!
    Courtney, Special Ed Teacher, Indiana


    Hi Jana,
 love your newsletters. Thanks for taking the time to put them together. I wanted to write you just to say how grateful I am that you came into my life. Had I not met you when I did, I don’t know where I would be right now. But because of your clarity and the light you shined on my inner world, I am on a completely different life path. This morning, I accepted a job offer from a fantastic new start up located in St. George UT. As you taught me, I have been envisioning the exac kind of environment and people that I deserve and, lo and behold, it manifested itself when the timing was right. I am awed by the power of spirit. My only regret is that I got so far off track for so long. (Although I have forgiven myself for that too.) I am indebted to you for the rest of my life for allowing me to truly forgive, to gain a right understanding about my relationship to God and to break free of the chains of bondage of object referral. My inner world, while not yet completely weeded, is on track to become a beautiful garden in this lifetime.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! ~  Carlton V. San Diego, CA


    “Being coached by Jana gave me the courage to make a cross country move that I had feared. I sat on the proverbial fence trying to find the courage to change my life. The guidance was an immeasurable tool holding me to my course and helping me hone my plan to see it to fruition.

    The wisdom Jana provided, like looking in the mirror to see my flaws, held me accountable for my excuses never letting me get away with less than I deserve for my life. I was able to really see my flaws and foibles and love them for the individual they make me. Through the exercises we did together to get centered and stay in the present I have developed a greater insight into my ability to be better, to be more, and to stay open to new ways to look at the things that give me the most resistance to my inner peace.

    Your grace Jana has been an inspiration, a goal to attain. I hope I can one day find the level of self fulfillment you exude and the aura of peace you radiate. I have found so much insight into my life, my actions, and my reasons for who I am through your coaching.

    Again, thank you for everything … this has been an inspiring, life changing four months. With much love,” Laurie, Southern California


    “Jana, I think what I needed was a little belief in myself! After our coaching, the one thing that kept coming up again and again for me was that I need to acknowledge what I am doing and give myself a little pat on the back for the things that I do! I had never even thought about it.

    You taught me that and I am SOOOOO grateful! I also placed a note to myself in the mirror in my car that says “I am fulfilled with God’s grace”. This is a real gift from our coaching … my connection to God!!!!!

    Your love for Him brought me closer to Him. The most important thing of course is that I was ready to take responsibility for myself and truly desired to grow. I was disciplined in putting the time and effort into taking my action steps each week. Thank you and God Bless.” ~ Angela E. Houston, TX


    Jana, I wanted to share with you how powerful this coaching has been in my life. In the course of our 16 weeks together I have learned to be more of an observer in my own life which allows me to make better decisions.

    Our time together has allowed me the wonder opportunity of self acceptance, love and to build a life with integrity. I have ended a relationship that was not healthy for me.The ending of the relationship was loving and warm.

    For the first time in my life I have become accepting of myself and feel deserving of having what I truly desire. Thank you and much love.” ~ Danna Bittle, Denver, Colorado


    Jana, I came to you because my  daughter and I were not getting along very well.  She had went to go live with my ex-husband and I missed her.  You helped me reach her in a way that had never occurred to me. By owning my doubts as a mother it allowed me to create a closer bond with my daughter. We went on a wonderful and memorable week long trip together to Los Angeles.   And 2 months later I felt like I got a second chance when she came back to live with us.  Jana you have helped me make peace with my own adoptive mother and realize I am a loving and worthy mother, daughter and wife! Forever grateful!

    ~ Gretchen Powers, Key Largo, Florida