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    I came to the Emotional Healing retreat heartbroken and deeply mourning the loss of a relationship. I left with the newfound realization that I had adopted beliefs at a very young age and these beliefs had kept me in a vicious self sabotaging cycle – allowing my suppressed emotions to be triggered reactively through negative experiences and internal dialogue. Because I never fully resolved and healed things at the core level, I kept attracting and playing out similar experiences of being betrayed, abandoned, feeling alone and unworthy of love. Outside of my recommitment to a daily meditation and yoga practice, I was given so many practical and invaluable tools over that weekend that I continue to use on a daily basis. I keep surprising myself with my newfound level of awareness and clarity as well as with what I continue to overcome and achieve as a result of working with Jana. Her wisdom, guidance and support has helped awaken my ability to release old limited belief systems and step more and more into my true essence. I am cultivating happiness and self love in ways I always wanted but had never been able to achieve. It is one thing to understand a concept intellectually but it is a completely different level to know it as truth in your entire being. I walked away from this retreat knowing that I am the only one who can give the acceptance and love that I long for and that when a man worthy of my love comes into my life, he will also mirror that same self love to himself. Then and only then will we shine brightly together. This experience was so incredibly powerful and transformative in such a way that I wish I could gift it to each and every person I know. Jana is an angel incarnate and I am beyond inspired by the much needed work she is doing to make a difference in the lives of others. Looking forward to all that lies ahead as my heart is filled with so much gratitude. Rio Callens, Los Angeles, CA

    AMAZING RETREAT, last weekend. This is the most life changing event that you can attend! I had so much negative emotions in me after the suicide of my father. After the retreat I feel like I have returned to the self that I knew. Thank you Jana Fleming, you are an amazing teacher who is changing lives… you have changed mine! Toni Scafidi, Ten Thousand Oaks, California


    Before attending the Emotional Healing retreat I was in so much pain. I was depressed, suffering from panic attacks and feeling like the whole world was against me. What I learned was that I am in total control of how I feel, therefore I can change! It’s not the world that was against me, it was ME against me. With Jana’s guidance, I learned the tools to change my thought process, which helps me create a better outcome for troubling situations and become more positive and happy! I learned how to go “within” and get in touch with ME. Jana’s passion and knowledge for what she teaches is inspirational and makes you really want to dig in and learn everything you can from her so that you can repave your path in life.  Even after the retreat was over, we were not left to fend for ourselves. Jana is dedicated to helping us continue our practice and offering support at every turn. I am so grateful for her insight and expertise and I now see life in a whole new way. I’m taking care of myself internally and externally and for the first time in a long time, I’m excited about what’s to come. Thank you, Jana!! Lisa Knight, San Diego, California

    March 13-15 was a life changing weekend. The opportunity to free myself of my pain and learn to forgive, as well as learning from Jana. My sweet beagle passed away in December and the loss of her triggered so many emotions that I fell into a deep depression. I found Jana on the internet and I am so thankful that I had the courage to go to The Emotional Freedom Experience in Carlsbad, San Diego. This experience has changed my life forever…I cannot stop talking about it! I look forward to my transformation and falling in love with ME. Colleen Aguirre, Southern California

    I just have to say when I went to this retreat I had no expectations. I knew my body, heart & soul were wounded. This by far had given me a greater gift. The person I deserve & want to be. I no longer live in fear & I know I deserve anything & everything I want. If you are broken, sad, tired of what your life is about. Change it, write yourself a new story and start with one of Jana’s retreats. Lindsey Schwartz, Seattle, Washington

    My Dearest Jana, thanks again for all that you do. When I first met you on that memorable weekend, I was in a deep, dark, sad place in my life and when I left I felt transformed. You opened my eyes, my heart, and my being to all of the amazing possibilities of life. I truly believe I was meant to connect with you in the way that I did, and I will NEVER forget how you helped me to see my true potential. I have a new found love for myself and I look forward to growing that love each day. I thank God for making you and for putting you on my path in life.
    “When you come upon a path that brings benefit and happiness to all, follow this course as the moon journeys through the stars” – Buddha. Beth Johnson, New York 

    Jana, Our work together has created a lasting change in my life. Thank you for teaching me to identify what it is that I feel, for without that, I would not know what it was that I am feeling. Thank you for teaching me to quiet my mind, for without that I would not know how to identify what is going on inside me and and how to acknowledge what it is that I find. Thank you for teaching me that vulnerability is strength, for without that I could not have opened my heart and show my authentic self to others. Thank you for teaching me to be forgiving of myself, for without that I could not love or accept love from others. Thank you for teaching me to be present in the moment, for it has allowed me to feel gratitude for each experience I am given. And thank you for your posts, they are the daily reminders that keep me strong. Thank you for being you. Leigh Patterson, West Virginia

    What can I say about Jana and her retreats? It was a chance meeting; I had just read Eat, Pray, Love and I was looking for something more in my life. And I came across Jana retreat in Santa Barbara CA on the internet. I had never been to a ‘retreat’ so I contacted Jana and I liked her instantly. Her warmness and compassion can be felt through the phone. I knew that life had placed this opportunity in front me but I could barely make ends meet….I was so far into credit card debt I knew I could never really afford it. But Jana helped me, she knew that I needed to be there and she showed me a love from a stranger that I never seen before. She changed my life and I am a better woman bc of her. I no longer struggle to pay my bills I live in affluence and it all started with Jana showing me what was possible. I now work as an actress and I attend Jana retreats whenever possible bc she is still helping me grow. I cant say thank you enough to Jana Fleming for helping me change my life:) Gaby Eubanks, Los Angeles, California

    Wonderful experience! After coming home I realized that I have always wanted to fly, and experience life, like a butterfly. I have always been unhappy with my life. I realized that the relationship I have been in for such a long time, I was focusing on always giving to the relationship, always what the spouse wanted and needed to make him happy. I was like a butterfly with clipped wings, never being able to fly. I realized I choose someone else’s needs and their environment over what I needed for myself. I never gave myself what I needed for me, to be happy. What an incredible experience, I can finally fly and experience what I choose in my life! Rosemarie Axton, Georgia

    I have attended many retreats and workshops in my life, and Jana’s “Healing the Heart Emotional Healing” retreat was, hands down, the best I’ve ever participated in! She is the “real deal”….no fluff, no ulterior motives,  a totally honest, genuine, down-to-Earth person who loves what she does and shares from the heart. Her knowledge and insights are remarkable. Meeting and working with her has been a blessing in my life.  George Xouris, North Carolina

    Dear Jana,

    What a fantastic, uplifting, positive experience the retreat was for me!  I will use the tools you taught me to remain centered and positive in my job and home life. I definitely have a better attitude and I truly hope this feeling stays (you know how the negativity in the world can sometimes drag you down).  I especially enjoyed the Saturday night fire circle, and the ceremony after it in the conference room when everyone opened up to each other. I felt the energy in the room, and it touched me very deeply. I am going to use some of the advice I was given to try to find my true path (dharma) because I know I have some higher purpose on this planet other than the current work I am doing.  I look forward to attending future retreats with you (my goal is at least once per year). You have a special talent, which is a gift for all women who are lucky enough to be able to participate!!!! Thank you!!! Carol Manusco, California

    I came to this retreat to continue my journey to wholeness I was filled with the spirit of all of those involved in the retreat as well as all of those who had visited the center before us.  Jana, your ability to spread the Holy Spirit is amazing and I was able to center myself so quickly and sink deeper than I have ever before in my meditation.  I felt overwhelmed with my ability to open up and release some resistance that had been lingering within me and I was able to shed some barriers that were holding me back.  Walking the Labyrinth was extremely emotional for me and very rewarding. I received a sense of renewed strength and Universal power to go out and accomplish my goals.  The fire ceremony was one that my Grandmother and I used to perform many years ago and it always has been a great relief and release for me.   Thank you so much, Jana, for sharing your wonderful calming spirit with me and for giving me the tools to help me continue my path to be the best I can be. I am looking forward to our next meeting at the retreat at The Land of the Medicine Buddha in August. Jacqueline Yunker, California

    Words can not express my gratitude! Thank you for having this retreat.  I feel so blessed to have met you and EVERYONE this weekend.  I woke up today and started with meditation to your voice.  My new journey will include daily mediation and a visualization board or two or three =).  I started writing in my journal the moment I got to the train station on Friday morning before the retreat even began.  This was truly the most amazing experience of my life. I’ve never been so loved and accepted by so many people that I didn’t even know; come to think of it, not even my own family has accepted me so unconditionally.  Thank you for introducing me to so many beautiful and inspirational women.  Thank you for sharing your unbelievable story with us so openly.  Thank you for everything.  I really would love to help you as a facilitator at future retreats if you need my help.  Please stay in touch. I’ve already told so many other friends about this and I’m sure they will join us next time. Love You!! Wida Karin, Orange County, California


    I was looking back at your intention for the retreat and you say, among other things, that your intention for us was to “connect with Spirit in a way that we leave there unrecognizable to ourselves.” I will surely say that in my case, that has happened and I am so grateful for you and all of the wonderful facilitators who helped guide us on our journey and give us such invaluable tools to use in our lives. I also wanted to say that having a follow up call is a wonderful part of the experience.  To hear everyone’s voices, talk about how everyone is putting into practice some of the things we learned and feel that same energy while I am sitting in my home, back in “reality” was really a treat.Thank you also for sharing yet another tool with us.  It is extremely valuable. Namaste, Belen Fleming, MN

    It was an honor working with you and teaching yoga at the Carlsbad, CA Emotional Healing Intensive. As a participant and yoga teacher I had the honor of seeing both sides of the event.  I saw 19 beautiful souls begin our weekend journey from a space of fear and end our journey from a space of love and self-empowerment.  There was such a clear transformation on the face of every single participant, me included.  There are not words enough to express the gratitude I have towards Jana for sharing her gifts so graciously, during and after the retreat.  I look forward to working with and supporting Jana in future endeavors.  Sincerely, Charlotte Van Noordt (Certified Chopra Instructor)

    Hi Jana, I feel so taken care of by you, your emails of support and the tools you have given go beyond any retreat I’ve ever attended. You’re right, the high does evaporate quickly unless one continues to do the work and your messages are such a gentle and loving reminder.  I so enjoyed the retreat.  Although I’ve done much of the work  and continue to do it with my therapist there was healing that took place for me.  As I told you on Sunday, you’re very good at what you do and you do it with compassion, honesty and humor. I feel blessed to have had this experience and hopefully, we’ll meet again.  Warmly, Sandy Hull, San Francisco, CA

    “I can’t begin to explain how happy this retreat has made me and my family – things are changing.”

    Cheryl, Hawaii

    “I can’t put into words how amazing this retreat was – I believe it is the” ‘womb for the gestation of the awakening human spirit’

    Alice Honolulu, Hawaii

    “Jana you and your team are wonderful and caring people – you gave me so much to think about to better my life. I am looking forward to the next retreat!”
    S. Langner Philadelphia, PA