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    Dear Friend, jumping jacks I am so glad that we have the opportunity to connect. It’s truly no accident. IF… You are tired of struggling with anxiety? depression? shame? insecurities? emptiness? playing small? acting out in ways that don’t serve you? engaging in relationships that never seem to work? You are ready to take your life to the next level and create the life of your dreams. If you said yes to any of these, then the invitation I am about to give you may change your life.

    If you have been doing your best to cope and hold it all together, but feel there is MORE to life than what you are presently experiencing this is the weekend retreat for you!

    The Gifts of Emotional Healing

    This is a radical life altering experience. You will not emerge the same as you went into it. This is my promise. Many of you know a bunch of information, have read many self help books yet keep repeating the same patterns. If information were enough everything that needs to be written on the human psyche is already out there, we would be content and happy. So why are so many people unhappy? Why are so many making the wrong choices over and over again? If you know what to do, then what blocks you from doing what you know? What’s missing? It is your programming and conditioning. This is why I was guided to create The Healing the Heart Experience. Most retreats are designed to have you relax, learn a few things and you come back feeling good for a time, but it never seems to stick. The Healing your Heart Experience is created and facilitated to give you the unique emotional intelligence tools to help you function at your Highest Self. In this retreat, I have created unique transformational processes that are far beyond note taking, information gathering, and theory. The Healing your Heart weekend is about full participation, authentic transformation and radical results. You will be guided, loved, and stretched in unimaginable ways that are guaranteed to unlock your heart, identify and clear any deep unconscious blocks to experiencing true love in your life, remove the emotional obstacles that limit you, and shift the damaging repetitive patterns that prevent you from having the fulfilling life and relationships you long for. My intention is to assist you in transforming internally in such a powerful way so that the life you attract reflects back to you your true hearts beauty, value and love you deserve.

    Here are just a few things you will learn:

    • How to love and nourish yourself deeply.
    • The keys to reconnecting with your innate essence.
    • How to recognize, uncover, and release the unconscious patterns you have regarding your beliefs about yourself and life that are unknowingly sabotaging your relationships, your purpose for being here and causing you to attract and create suffering in your life.
    • How to communicate in healthy ways that not only get your needs met, but also inspire others to do the same.
    • Get clarity on what you really REALLY want in your life, so that you can attract the life you really want not just what you think you want based on your conditioning.
    • How to keep life interesting and desire to grow and evolve throughout your life.
    • Primordial Sound Meditation (Mantra based from the Chopra Center)
    • Gentle Yoga Flow – heart centered approach of moving your body with intention
    • Inner Bonding – Deeply connect with your feelings as an inner child
    • Shadow Work – Understand the shadow side of your psyche.
    • How to rewire your brain – neuroplasticity

    Imagine what would be possible if you were living a life where you are feeling deeply loved, your heart taken care of and nourished in every way? Imagine how it would feel to have a sense of completeness and peace within yourself, no longer dependent on external validation for a sense of self worth or value? Imagine what would be available if you never had to feel the gut wrenching pain, or insecurity that comes when life knocks you down? Imagine falling in love with yourself deeply…and having life reflect that back to you! Whether you are just bored and you want to take your life to the next level or you are feeling deeply disconnected and lost, this seminar will transform your life! My promise is that The Healing your Heart weekend will save you years of time and energy. My commitment is to guide you onto the right path to attracting the life you deeply desire and deserve. With my unique brand of transformation methods, not only is this possible but it will happen. You will see it for yourself. It will take your commitment. …On my end I am ready to commit to you and your Life 100%… So, I wholeheartedly say “Yes, I do!” Are you now ready to commit to your own transformation? Committing to this weekend retreat is ultimately a commitment to loving yourself. Once you say “Yes!” you will begin a journey beyond anything you can ever imagine. Your transformation doesn’t just begin when the retreat starts, but the moment you commit.


    Request more info | 800.721.6140 | info@janafleming.com

    Locations & Dates

    A 3 Day Deep Healing Experience

    March 31 – April 2, 2017

    Friday 3:00 – Sunday 3:00


    Hilton Garden Inn


    JUNE 9 – 11, 2017 ~ SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO – SOLD OUT


    HUTCHINSON ISLAND, FL (Southeast Atlantic Coast)

    OCTOBER 20-22, 2017 ~ Hutchinson Island, FL

    Friday 3:00 pm – Sunday 3:00 pm

    ONLY $495



    $695 Regular Tuition



    $149.00 Sunset View

    $179.00 Ocean View

    CALL: 1-772-229-1000 to reserve for Healing Retreat


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     Request more info | 800.721.6140 | info@janafleming.com

    Read our commitment policy here


    Do I need a certain level of experience before taking this course? All you need is an open mind and open heart, and the willingness to dive deep into your personal story that is holding you back.

    Do you need a level of meditation or yoga experience? No, you can be a complete beginner!

    Do you offer deferred payments? Yes, please send an email to info@janafleming.com to set up arrangements.

    Do you offer scholarships or discounts? Our intention is to provide support for all those that are seeking transformation. We run a for profit business and have found in the past that when we give away our services freely that the participant doesn’t have a true investment in their well being. We believe that it’s important to have a energetic exchange through money. So yes, we will speak with you on an individual basis and work with you to accommodate anyone who has a sincere desire to transform. Please send an email to info@janafleming.com and we will schedule a call with you.

    What should I pack? Comfortable, casual clothes such as yoga pants, sweats, flip flops and running shoes. Layers are good in case the weather turns chilly, which happens often on the coast. Other items to pack: a blank journal, light reading, toiletries and any comforts of home.

    Will I have designated free time? The schedule is pretty full, but you will have time for reflection, personal journaling and meals on your own.

    How many people are enrolled in each workshop? This event is kept at a minimum of 25 people for an intimate and deep experience.

    What time does the retreat begin and end? Registration begins at 2-3pm – retreat begins Friday at 3:00 pm ends Sunday at 3:00 pm.

    Will I be given an agenda or itinerary? Upon arriving all participants are given a workbook, agenda and any other materials needed.

    Are food and lodging included? No, all meals and your lodging is your responsibility. We offer a special discount for the lodging.

    Can I room with another participant? We let all participants know that sharing is available and will happily connect willing people together. We are not responsible for the experience that you have when you share space.

    Your Guides:

    Jana Fleming, Founder

    For well over two decades, I have had the opportunity to travel the world and help people transform. I have worked and trained with some of the greatest thought leaders of our time. Whether you have been following my work for a while or this is the first time we are meeting, I believe that what I am about to share with you could have a life changing impact.

    You see, my entire life has been dedicated to personal development, spirituality, transformation, and searching for the most powerful methods to assist people in healing. From childhood, I have been assisting people in breaking through limitations and living their true purpose. One of my very first memories, at age 7, was a deep calling to serve humanity. I would gather all the children in my neighborhood and preach to them from the back of my father’s truck. Through a very turbulent and chaotic childhood I was gifted with a deep connection to Spiritual Guidance. This led me on an intense quest to seek answers, as well as the best information, techniques, and methodologies in transformation and healing around the world.

    Over the last decade, I have been blessed to travel the world, and work with everyone ranging from billionaires, doctors, entrepreneurs, to mothers, top sales people, and teenagers teaching them emotional intelligence skills and facilitating deep emotional healing.  I have helped thousands go to the next level, and create lives beyond their wildest dreams.  I have also spoken to audiences in major corporations, and conferences, from 10 to 25,000 people, sharing my message of empowerment.

    Find out more 

    Lance Wilson, M.D.

    IMG_9642Lance is a board-certified physician. With his characteristic compassion, wisdom, and lighthearted nature, he is aptly called the CLO (Chief Love Officer), by his co-workers. He believes that we all deserve a life of vitality—and that we have the potential to create it for ourselves. Dr. Wilson and his team work every day to empower people, organizations, and communities to heal their bodies and minds, and improve our social and economic resilience. His work is expanding and deepening in several key directions—all of which reflect his passion for exploring how people can use the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience and quantum physics to not only heal illness but also to enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life. Dr. Wilson is driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities.

    Listen to what others say about The Healing Your Heart Retreat:


    I never thought that I would be in the place I am today. Thank you for helping me realize that I am enough. This is a proud moment in my life and my sweet angel Cameron  is definitely “flying high” today….Breathe…Hmmmm….Breathe. GOD is good and I thank him daily for putting you in my path Jana Fleming! xoxo Colleen Aguirre, California

    I came to the Emotional Healing retreat heartbroken and deeply mourning the loss of a relationship. I left with the newfound realization that I had adopted beliefs at a very young age and these beliefs had kept me in a vicious self sabotaging cycle – allowing my suppressed emotions to be triggered reactively through negative experiences and internal dialogue. Because I never fully resolved and healed things at the core level, I kept attracting and playing out similar experiences of being betrayed, abandoned, feeling alone and unworthy of love. Outside of my recommitment to a daily meditation and yoga practice, I was given so many practical and invaluable tools over that weekend that I continue to use on a daily basis. I keep surprising myself with my newfound level of awareness and clarity as well as with what I continue to overcome and achieve as a result of working with Jana. Her wisdom, guidance and support has helped awaken my ability to release old limited belief systems and step more and more into my true essence. I am cultivating happiness and self love in ways I always wanted but had never been able to achieve. It is one thing to understand a concept intellectually but it is a completely different level to know it as truth in your entire being. I walked away from this retreat knowing that I am the only one who can give the acceptance and love that I long for and that when a man worthy of my love comes into my life, he will also mirror that same self love to himself. Then and only then will we shine brightly together. This experience was so incredibly powerful and transformative in such a way that I wish I could gift it to each and every person I know. Jana is an angel incarnate and I am beyond inspired by the much needed work she is doing to make a difference in the lives of others. Looking forward to all that lies ahead as my heart is filled with so much gratitude. Rio Callans, Hollywood, California


    Before attending the Emotional Healing retreat I was in so much pain. I was depressed, suffering from panic attacks and feeling like the whole world was against me. What I learned was that I am in total control of how I feel, therefore I can change! It’s not the world that was against me, it was ME against me. With Jana’s guidance, I learned the tools to change my thought process, which helps me create a better outcome for troubling situations and become more positive and happy! I learned how to go “within” and get in touch with ME. Jana’s passion and knowledge for what she teaches is inspirational and makes you really want to dig in and learn everything you can from her so that you can repave your path in life. Even after the retreat was over, we were not left to fend for ourselves. Jana is dedicated to helping us continue our practice and offering support at every turn. I am so grateful for her insight and expertise and I now see life in a whole new way. I’m taking care of myself internally and externally and for the first time in a long time, I’m excited about what’s to come. Thank you, Jana!! Lisa Knight, Carlsbad, California

    “This is the best gift you can give yourself. After a weekend of condensed education & emotional releasing Jana provides you the tools to carry on and live a life of fulfillment and gratitude.  I used to carry around stress with permanent knots in my back. The knots have now disappeared along with the stress. I thought I knew who I was prior to joining the retreat, but in reality it was who society told me I should be. I now feel centered and whole knowing every action in my life was put there for a reason to teach me valuable lessons, I have a purpose and tangible goals and a life to look forward to. I no longer look at the past and regret the decisions and the negative outcomes that affected my emotions. Everyone has a story it’s how you react and carry on that shapes you. Jana was given a magnificent gift to be able to help you realize your path to enlightenment. She can connect with every person no matter how easy difficult your life has been. Remember everything happens for a reason and everyone has a story. The fact that you stumbled upon this might be a sign that it’s time for you to take charge of your life and regain conscious control.” Grateful, Jackie, 28; San Diego, CA

    “The first thing that I looked forward to was learning Primordial Sound Meditation.  Jana explained and guided me through the process with love and calmness. It resonated so much with my spirit. On Saturday, Jana took us through the Emotional Healing process, in the sharing is true power. She so inspired us with her own experiences and it helped so much to relate it to the process, that it was easier to grasp and be honest with yourself, because she was. It was an intense, powerful day of discoveries and it concluded with such a beautiful Ceremony of Release.  I thank Jana for being inspirational and catalyst to this process of healing within “you”. I look forward to other retreats with her.”Namaste Stella, South Florida

    Dr. Warren has been instrumental in my recovery and healing from addiction, past abuse, unhealthy relationships, negative mental patterns, and health difficulties. It’s been several years since I first worked with him, and I still see him regularly. I have referred him to countless friends who have also had tremendous transformations in their healing. I have even participated in his various workshops and meditation sessions. Not only is Dr. Warren one of the most talented healing professionals I have had the chance to work with, he has also become a great friend. I recommend him wholeheartedly to everyone.  ~DW, Lafayette, CA

    Important Note: This Emotional Healing retreat is not an alternative to counseling and/or the therapist that you may already be working with. This is a group healing experience that will involve sharing with other participants. Please be aware that if you have active suicidal intent, homicidal intent or a diagnosis of unstable mental health, this course is not for you.