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    Private Retreats are stunningly life transforming, healing, inspiring and restorative.

    I believe there are no coincidences, and the fact that you are reading these words you have been led here by a stirring in your soul. Every moment of your life is an opportunity to choose to live more fully or to hold back. What could you do? Who could you be if you really faced the fears that keep you complacent?

    This personalized individual retreat is completely geared toward your potential and unique path of spiritual self-realization. It is a retreat for…

    Real Life Breakthrough

    My work is about connecting you back to your true source. It isn’t simply about getting more money or things in your life, its about discovering YOU are the one you have been waiting for! You have within you everything you have been seeking. I teach you how to connect with the source of creativity, abundance, freedom, joy, peace and love right within yourself!

    In essence you are given the opportunity to see and to directly live and experience a whole new way of living – one that naturally arises from an inner attentiveness. And by so experiencing this new way of being here, you discover within yourself how to tap into your own soulful lifestyle and full creative power.

    You will return home not only rejuvenated and inspired by your own creative path in life, but with the tools needed to turn every day life circumstances into your soulful self mastery and spiritual realization. Life itself becomes your natural waking meditation!

    This retreat is unlike any other …

    bio-breakthrough1It is like combining the best of a meditation silent retreat with private spiritual life counsel and sacred psychology, creative expressive arts, sacred ritual and personal medicine walks in nature… only instead of being plopped in a group auditorium – OR into the wilderness with only a tent and bottle of water, this process is nurtured in a much (MUCH) more civilized, comfy, and  supported environment that effects the same powerful life breakthrough!

    What you will find here – IS YOU! The Real YOU!
    I do not apply a dogma, a belief system, a technique or a discipline. Rather, we enter together into a profound and soulfully-awake inner listening and honoring dialogue process to hear and to open to your own self-healing wisdom and unique path of Truth.

    Types of clients range from those with no to those with extensive experience with inner spiritual selfhood, and from all spiritual paths including psychologists, healers, artists, homemakers, business men simply those who feel bereft, lost to themselves, overtaken by the mind-noise of daily living…and sensing/daring to seek more…

    A very important self-awakening soul-stirring process has already begun

    That is what has lead you to this website at this moment in time. You are in the process of honoring the voice of your soul the voice that so often gets overrun by the tactics and fears of the mind. That one act starts a process of coming Home to yourself…

    Healing New Mexico Retreats

    Santa Fe, New Mexico, founded in 1610, boasts the tagline, “A City Different.” From the traditional adobe architecture, to the colors that splash across the sky, Santa Fe holds some special charm and energy.  When the British author, D.H. Lawrence first came to New Mexico he exclaimed, “something stood still in my soul.” The landscape is breathtaking. At 7500 ft the air is clean and usually bright and sunny, and not too warm. Santa Fe is a place you can fully surrender and let go of the weight of pretense and essentially let go of your habitual self.

    You will find a quiet calm in the land here. The perfect backdrop for a deep healing experience and to completely reinvent yourself and your life.

    Taos, New Mexico is a small, high desert town that sits at the feet of the Sangre De Christo mountains, which tower over the town at 13,000 feet. Temperatures can range from 0 to 100 degrees depending on the season. Taos-Pueblo

    Taos has long been known as a historical crossroads of three diverse cultures. The Tewa Indians have made this area home for thousands of years. Their Pueblo dwellings are listed among the UNESCO World Heritage list of historic places on the planet. Hidden in the mountains on the Pueblo land lies Blue Lake, or Ba Whyea, an ancient sacred site for the Taos Pueblo community.

    The Spanish Conquistadors made their way here in the 1500s and left their influence, which is still seen today in the architecture, festivals, and culture. The European influx came in the 1700s with trappers, traders, and adventurers. Since the early 1900s, the Taos area has been home to many famous people, such as Georgia O’Keefe, who come here for the inspiration that the land and people offer.

    The bottom line is Santa Fe & Taos provide the perfect back drop for these deep emotional and spiritual healing retreats.

    What an extraordinary and life-affirming experience!  The Private VIP Retreat incorporated meditation, equine therapy, ancient Ayurvedic treatment, inner child work,  forgiveness processes, shadow work, hypnotherapy, restorative yoga therapy, and a Native American releasing ceremony all in a way that uniquely met my emotional needs. I am finally able to feel whole, and able to love, accept and cherish myself. This experience was transformative and miraculous! Thank you, Jana, for your authenticity, loving spirit, and peaceful presence throughout the healing journey. 
    Kelly B.
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    One-On-One Intensive

    The private intensive requires a high level of commitment to change habitual patterning. You must be willing to look at your life in a different way and to adopt new views and new techniques. You will be asked to push yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This requires strong focus and the ability to view a challenge from a new perspective. The use of hypnotherapy, emotional intelligence tools, equine therapy, yoga, meditation, breath work, and a Native American ‘medicine walk’ will challenge you physically and emotionally to let go of the self you have been and step into the highest expression of yourself.  The intensive culminates in a Ceremony which allows you to safely say goodbye to that which no longer supports you and welcome in the new. 

    Intensives are just that, intense. This program is not designed as a vacation or a chance to get away. You must be physically fit and emotionally grounded and purposeful about your spiritual path whatever that path is for you. What you learn here are tools that have been used for thousands of years. Techniques that empower you to be your own healer. You will detoxify through the high altitude, the land, teachings, ceremony, and the pace.

    It is highly advised that  you come at least one day early to acclimate to the high altitude.  And we suggest staying for 1-2 days after the Retreat to quietly process and absorb all that you have experienced, so give yourself one week off.

    The Intensive includes 3-7 nights lodging. Organic juice cleanses are optional.

    So you may be thinking, what’s my next step …

    To begin the process simply click here or call 1-800-721-6140 to set up an initial session. There is an interview process in order to ensure that the Private Intensive process is the right path for you. I look forward to connecting and supporting you on your path to peace, love and wholeness. Costs are determined by the amount of time that we spend together.


    “I had reached a point in my life where I felt “stuck” with my emotions, spiritual connection, relationships, and future direction. Although, I have had therapy in the past, given it’s traditional sense, I was definitely in search of a serious intensive shift to include Spirit that would wake me up.
    After reviewing Jana’s web page and speaking with her over the phone, I knew I needed to do the VIP private 1:1 retreat. I remember the excitement in telling myself I deserved this gift!
    Through her, I learned I have all the answers inside. There is no where externally to go other than inside. Simple as that! Jana gave me the tools and direction to love myself. Now, I’m able to identify and work through my emotions, draw boundaries in relationships, connect with Spirit, and have a clearer future direction.
    Jana stayed connected with me after the retreat and sent me a wealth of resources helping me stay connected to myself from local community organizations, books, music, websites, and documentaries.
    In fact, I’m looking forward to attending her annual Florida retreat. The work never ends and I am committed to this path for life! ” ~ Duska, Vero Beach, Florida

    “Before I spent a week with Jana in the VIP private retreat I felt alone. I had a persistent ache within me and a feeling of failure with consuming discouraging thoughts. With my lack of understanding of my emotions and what they were communicating I found myself constantly looking outside of myself for relief (pills, alcohol, affairs). The most valuable thing I learned was that what I was constantly looking for was within me. I was looking in all directions and feeling lost wherein I just needed to re-direct and refocus my thoughts and learn how to connect with the little boy within me. After spending a week with Jana, I feel confident that I have the tools to move forward in a much more constructive and healthy manner. I’ve accepted more of myself and my past and I am committed to using the Emotional Intelligence tools she taught me to continue finding a better version of myself. I’m so thankful for my time with Jana. Her devotion to helping is her gift. I consider her one of the most amazing people I have ever met, she is truly special. ” ~ Todd, Pennsylvania

    “Jana, the positive impact that this private retreat has made on my life is priceless. In just a few days I was already feeling happier than I have ever felt! The unique combination of reiki healing sessions, the Ayurvedic treatments and most importantly all the processes that you lead me through has completely changed the way I see the world. I finally feel confident that when the storms of life come I have the tools to make it through with grace. Thank you so much, you are an excellent coach, teacher and mother.” ~ Corrie, Dallas, TX

    “Wow, I had no idea how much would learn about myself and life during this time with Jana. I had been feeling so disconnected and apathetic about my life, my career, my relationships. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to really make the changes just by spending a few days in Taos. I think its nothing short of miraculous what happens when you do transformational travel and deep inner work. Jana is gifted in how she combines other healers into the retreat – she used an amazing sound healer from the area, a yoga teacher who was the best I have ever experienced. I highly recommend this to anyone who is really ready to experience life more fully.” ~ Sharon McIver – NYC

    “This was one of the hardest decisions I have made for myself. Deciding to take the time out and instead of going on a vacation doing some deep soul exploration was exactly what I needed but what my ego kept fighting against. Jana you said I would be unrecognizable to myself after the weekend and I thought she is crazy no way! But I am a transformed woman! I have so much joy and peace that I never thought was possible.” ~ Annie H. Midland, TX

    “Each day I rise and meditate, I am consciously living my life with clear intentions and purpose. I am not allowing myself to indulge in negative internal conversations. I am loving every part of myself that I wanted to ‘get rid of’.” ~ Nancy S. Austin, TX

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you – really I can’t thank you enough! Best money spent on myself! I will refer many to your wise counsel.” ~Suzanne P. Vancouver

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