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    Who are YOU?

    time travel

    Can you believe how fast 2013 is flying by? Time is one of the most interesting concepts of this 3 dimensional world. IF the only time we have is the present, then what is the past & what is the future and why the hell do we spend so much time in both places?

    If you are anything like me and most people who I talk too, you probably spend a lot of time rehashing the past or projecting into the future of what may or may not come to pass. What I know for sure is that anytime our mind is fixated on the past we run the risk of creating depression. Anytime our mind is fixated on something happening in the future we run the risk of creating a state of anxiety. Recently, I was reading that G.A.D. (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) is at an all time high. Of course pharmaceutical companies have the magic pill and Doctors are inclined to just prescribing some magic pill to cure the dis-ease rather than actually looking at the root cause of the dis-ease in the first place.

    So what is the root cause you may be asking of this prevalent dis-ease in our lives?

    It’s a disconnect to the truth of who you are!

    So allow me to take a stab at answering it for you – ultimately, you must come to the answer within yourself, as you have all the answers to your life right inside of yourself. How do i know that? Because the answer to who you are is:

     You are God!

    Yes, I know I can hear some of you saying wait, that is so not right how can you say such a blasphemous thing? How can you assert that little ole me is anything godly – did you see how I talked to my wife, husband, kids this morning? If you were inside my mind you would really get that I am not God – anything but! But herein lies the disconnect and the problem and why so many people are looking for the quick fix through a pill, sex, drugs, shopping, something to anesthetize – because they have bought the lie and forgotten their true essential nature which is the soul and my friend the soul is God.

    Imagine for a moment a hologram, if I cut it in pieces you can still see the whole image in the small piece right? Yes you and I are no less than a piece of the Divine in the whole of creation. If I take a rock from the mountain is it any less the mountain? If I take a cup of water from the ocean is it any less the ocean? Of course not, and you and I are not any less the Infinite Creator.

    So imagine just for a moment what would be possible if you began to source your life and look at your life from the ‘knowingness’ that you are God – again let me repeat myself you are not the totality of God of course not – there are 7 billion more pieces of the puzzle of God in addition to all the animal and plant life – all of creation is a part of the beautiful magnificent image of the Creator. The entire Universe and cosmos – billions of galaxies just like our own Milky May galaxy are floating around in the cosmos.


    We are both the most amazing magical creation and we are nothing but a speck of dust in a stream of sunlight beaming through a window on a sunny day.


    Here is what I know for sure: you make a difference & your life matters! Just imagine for a moment if you really knew you were God, what would you do today? How would you spend your time? Where would you allow your thoughts to go? Would you allow them to fixate on the past which is over? Would you allow them to entertain images of a future that you are afraid may come to pass? Life is uncertain and to the degree you can be with uncertainty you will gain more freedom and joy than you could ever imagine. ALL creativity which is simply the field of all possibility lives in this present moment.

    Take a deep breath and sigh! Ah that feels good – relax into this moment I promise you there is a Divine presence in the Universe that you and I are inextricably connected too and it is infinite, unbounded, and eternal. It is the underlying source that gives rise to everything in the universe. It is the birthplace of our ideas, our creativity, our inspiration, and all else. All you need do is relax into this Infinite Intelligence and allow it to guide you, and align you with the truth of who you are and what you are here for! It’s not so hard to find your purpose – ultimately it is to love and be love and stay in the vibration of love – there you will find everything your heart desires in this present moment.


     May the truth of this resonant deeply in your heart and awaken your soul! In the words of King Solomon, “may you be drunken with insight and intimate with spirit and may you see all things new; and all things shining. May you become like paradise, a garden whose fruit is joy.